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About Us

Yogyam Learning Solutions is a one stop online learning centre for all your career advancement related training needs. 


At Yogyam Online, we have a team of real time experts blended with in-depth knowledge and rich industry experience.  


Yogyam Online provides an opportunity to Students, Grads, Post Grads, Working Professionals to improve their technical knowledge base and conceptual know- how.Besides providing you with conceptual and working knowledge, we provide you the leverage of doing a real time project under the esteemed guidance of a dedicated trainer, at Yogyam.

With this effort, we aim you gain all the desired experience and expertise that makes you the best fit and industry ready. 


We offer both normal as well as fast track programs.


Yogyam Online team welcomes you all to join our learning centre as we help you to meet your career aspirations through our unique way of imparting online pedagogy.


We offer a wide range of online trainings that are best delivered in the industry, in terms of commitment, quality & training.


Through our top-notch consultancy services, we also provide sophisticated IT & Business Consulting to our Clients operating worldwide across industry verticals.